My productions Français

Some jesus2099 tunes can be listened to from there.

And here are some gadgets I made that may be useful.

Please credit me if you use either one : jesus2099

Hello! CMS J2 FIX

A great and very simple tool to make an on-line editable website (like this one). Only PHP is needed, no database. More information here : Hello! CMS J2 FIX

The original Hello! CMS is written by Kuno Woudt.


Here is a small collection of little flags. I can make other flags as needed.


Here is a small javascript that, when included on any page, will add a small play button in front of every link to MP3 file

Block web ads in Opera

Here is a config file (urlfilter.ini) for Opera browser which blocks most of the advertising that may harass you on the internet.